Reply To: Forbidding Aegis IC

  • jack_spade

    July 11, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Ulrich was frustrated. The missalignment had knocked out his focus and his mind shards reflex power. At least the two opponents were going at each other, giving him time to break the barrier – which he needed: His first attempt missfired pathetically. He was painfully aware that his strength was running out. Every power use had the potential to knock him out. With the strength born from his mindshard infusion, he picked the girl up onehanded and slung her unconscious form across his shoulders. Akward and vulnerable – but then what else could he do? Leave her behind? Unthinkable. You didn’t leave anyone behind alive in a bug hive – even if you had to shoot them yourself.
    And he couldn’t break down yet. He had to get them out of here. Finally his barrier worked and caused through intersection the other barrier to shorten out. The way was free and he moved out of the tainted room as quickly as his burden would allow…