Reply To: Forbidding Aegis IC

  • aria

    July 25, 2019 at 10:36 am

    [Tuesday, Very Late, June 7th, 2078; The Narrows, Orc Underground, Seattle Metroplex]

    Ex-G’s lightning bolt streaked across the cavern over the heads of the surprised orc gangers and splashed against the wall where the creature had been standing moments before… with contemptuous ease, and palpable malice, it had retreated rather than face a confrontation…

    Batshit’s grenade subsequently filled the cavern with a cacophonous boom and flash of light brighter than the sun…to the cave dwellers it was impossible to avoid and confusion reigned…

    As Al was preparing his shot he received another message from Torrent

    > It must be nice to see the world as black and white as you do Mr Guthrie, sometimes. Such misguided notions can be applied to a few things…like the things we were containing and you set free, but I assure you the people I work for are no more evil than you are. This world is doomed if nobody steps up and takes the difficult choices needed to protect us from Their coming. My own daughter was part of this for frags sake! We need a way to survive! I don’t have anything further on Silk at the moment, I will let you know as soon as I do.