Reply To: Forbidding Aegis IC

  • aria

    September 11, 2019 at 8:12 am

    [Wednesday, Very Early, June 8th, 2078; High tailing it through Bellevue, Seattle Metroplex]

    “A fae artefact? That one never did like to do things the easy way” Torrent replied ruefully “Hold on, I have a flag on the operative who was sent to intercept Silk. They landed at SeaTac moments ago and are boarding a flight for New York with a transfer to Paris. Looks like they are running for home, I had assumed they had acquired Silk but perhaps they are ferrying this artefact instead? I don’t know if you can catch them now, or even if you’d want to? I can hire runners on the ground here in Paris to investigate their arrival, although they will perhaps be less motivated than Master Guthrie…”