Reply To: Forbidding Aegis IC

  • electric_muppet

    September 19, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Batshit spent her time in Customs setting up a backup with bad man. Someone e would fly in on her I’d and hire a car too Paris. Made the ID that little bit stronger but also if people were following it they would not be looking at her. She found d food and ate ravenously she slept in the car.
    As they all gathered in the park she looked around scanning for bad people. She pick up the pick pocket and the conartist quickly. The turnover guy was better and not looking at them, in fact moved on quickly.
    Ex-g plan felt good, no prizes for how was in the overt team.
    “cool, let’s get started. I’ll try to set up an observation post across the road and see if they bite” she had an idea “if Beccie and I dress the same we could play the twin game a little”