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  • mercy

    August 20, 2017 at 2:15 am

    Caroline Chapelle – 2100, Sunday March 21st, 2077 – In the air, Between France and South-America

    Rhea stands and grins at you before walking off back down the aisle. You settle back in your seat and Milo does the unexpected and begins humming a soft song that you think you should know but cannot quite seem to remember.

    Caroline Chapelle – 0200, Monday March 22nd, 2077 – In the air, Between France and South-America

    Your sleep is restful and you awaken to the smell of coffee as a mug is pressed into your hands. Rhea is standing behind the team cook and thanks her as the woman walks away. Rhea kneels beside you and looks at you. “You have been asleep for nearly five hours. Do you need more time? We are approaching the point over the ocean at which we can no longer return safely and Alyce would like to know if there is any danger in continuing?”