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  • mercy

    August 24, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Caroline Chapelle – 0400, Monday March 22nd, 2077 – In the air, Between France and South-America

    When you reoccupy your body, you find Milo in conversation with Talis. At your look, she grins and leans forward to whisper to you. “He is very interesting. I have rarely been so intrigued by a mortal. And do you see his muscles?”

    Rhea comes forward at your request and kneels down near you. “You look a bit pale, Caroline. Is everything alright? Do you need some food or drink?” When you explain your idea, she nods. “I say go for it. I see little additional harm in letting the spirit, and perhaps whoever summoned it, know that we have detected it.”