Reply To: Sudbury Saturday Night

  • jack_spade

    March 24, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Kynos lifted his rifle and aimed carefully at the retreating guy’s head.

    Aim and Shoot: 19d6t5 5
    Full Defense: 14d6t5 4
    DV 12P AP-8
    Soak: 12d6t5 4
    Takes 8 damage

    Kynos takes his last action for this round:
    Aimed Vitals Shot: 15d6t5 4
    This time with a FA Burst
    Full defense: 7d6t5 1
    17P AP-8
    Soak: 12d6t5 3

    The first shot hit a little to low and impacted on the guy’s armor, but it slowed him down enough that Kynos lined up another shot, this time switching to full auto and send a small burst downrange directly into the guy’s head.

    The body fell and left a dark puddle that almost immediately turned to red ice.

    <<No time for subtlety – break down the door and take a look around if the mage is here. And afterwards we talk about not shooting explosives at cars when your coworker is within the blast radius – is that clear?>>