Sudbury Saturday Night


  • jack_spade

    March 19, 2021 at 10:05 am

    “Not to piss on your hopes and dreams, but we are here to deliver a message to one Trevor Kris. Your great uncle once removed is dying and wants to see you to give you your part of the inheritance.


    Now, we are mercenaries for hire – I’m accepting bids for either getting you lot out of here or taking care of whatever monster you stupid cunts managed to unleash into this world.”

    Kynos replied in his usual apathetic cadence.

  • electric_muppet

    April 5, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Bronwean was flabbergasted, she stared at krynos, her mouth agog,

    “what the fuck?” She muttered “seriously?” she inarticulately verciferated then her mind focused in the haze of mana swirling around her

    “here, this 5k to help me get these people to safety”

    With that done she turned to the group of scientists

    “silence, you ‘orible lot, I want you in two lines side by side, and I want it with the speed of a thousand gazelles, do you understand?” she bellowed in her best approximation of a Sargent major with the commanding undertone she seemed to have gained

    She turned back to krynos” ready? “

  • jack_spade

    April 5, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    Kynos shrugged: “Sure, not going to haggle with you. Didn’t know you had a soft spot for corpos.”

  • beta

    April 12, 2021 at 9:08 pm

    Most of the scientists start moving at Batshit’s command, although some of them don’t seem able to see in the very dim light and are slowly groping their way towards her voice.

    However one elf stays seated on the ground, talking rather than walking. “Beatrice, with Professor Arlington dead, I think you’d be signing authority for the sensor group. I’m signing authority for the Fields group. Between us we can sign off on the emergency fund. I think I’d rather use that power to deal with the situation rather than run like rabbits being chased by a hunter drone — and to about as much effect.

    He does turn his head enough to better address Batshit and Kynos “There is a truly massive spirit of some sort in the next room, something that was apparently able to enter our world when the magic field got high enough. Two of our number, with the most magical field experience, entered the chamber to attempt to deal with it, and they seemed to have simply collapsed, likely under a mental onslaught. Fortunately so far the thing has not been willing to enter this strong null zone, which is key data. However I’m confident that once the fields collapse, the doors would not contain it for long, and an exceptionally strong and apparently malevolent spirit would soon be roaming the city, and the world.

    The resonant magical fields will not be stable for much longer, between the disturbances of the entering spirits, your opening of doors, and the general dislike of the world for such things. Maintenance has to be done from the rooms with the highest fields, which also seem to be currently deadly to be in.

    However the thing’s reluctance to enter the mana void suggests a strategy. Inco security should be ready to deliver another shipment of the anti-magical powder that we use help create the mana-voids in alternate rooms. If you could secure it, my team could likely rapidly collapse the fields enough to encourage the spirit to come our way, while rapid deployment of the powder may weaken it enough that well-armed fold such as yourselves could finish it off. Sufficiently accurate deployment of the powder might on its own drive the thing off, but I imagine that deploying powder accurately could be difficult. Personally I cannot think of any better use of the emergency fund, at the moment, than to hire you.

    in this format of game, I’m not quite sure about naming specific sums of money? You are still free to walk away of course … however you do know that Inco security did not secure the box of anti-magic dust, since currently it is sitting in the back of Al’s truck.

  • jack_spade

    April 13, 2021 at 11:54 am

    “Nice to get a job offer after breaking in here – it’s kinda the opposite of how my job usual goes.

    Anyway, I hate wasting overhead and since I’m already here and you were friendly enough to own up to this drek, I’m inclined to accept your offer.
    I think I know were that anti-magic stuff currently is – how long do we have until shit hits the fan down here? I mean, we basically climbed down the elevator shaft, but it was a really long way down.

    Because the alternative would be me bundling a bunch of HE grenades with a good measure of blight and just nuke the fragger. Might damage your infrastructure a tad, but that’s the price for chunky salza.”

    Kynos replied unperturbed as his payment was now secured.

  • electric_muppet

    April 25, 2021 at 10:00 am

    “I’ve fought these things before, I don’t think blight will really hack it for a big thing in a mana surge. It will heal quicker than we can kill it” she started jigging along to an unheard song. “let’s get that crud we bought of that dodgy dude”

  • aria

    May 13, 2021 at 5:10 am

    [Saturday January 21, 2079; SnoLab, Somewhere near Sudbury]

    Where was Al when you needed him? With his boom bag he’d have had something ready to go to bring this place safely down on top of whatever planar monstrosity these idiots had managed to let slip through. Well they’d just have to go back up to the surface and fetch him and the crate of mana eating dust… at least with the scientists giving them priority overrides over the security it would be less tortuous that their initial infiltration…

    Let’s get moving before whatever it is comes looking for us all!



    Edge 3/7

  • beta

    May 24, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    The group confirmed that the nephew was part of the group that was still alive — like all of the awakened he was suffering from a few days in a near total mana void, but was basically OK. He’d been saved by taking his turn use meta-human asensing next to the sensor boxes in the mana void room, trying to see if there was a jump of mana from the high mana room into the mana void room despite their isolation.

    Escorting the researchers out took some organization, as the runners had to be ready for smaller spirits manifesting in the second-highest mana room, plus only about four people could fit through the mana locks at a time. But they sorted themselves out to first clear that room and then stand guard while the researchers worked their way through. After that it was a matter of time to get through all of the mana locks along the way, and then escort them back through the tunnels.

    There had been a short argument before they returned to matrix contact on whether the researchers should call security. When Kynos explained that they would flat-out not take this job if security was going to be rushing in and messing things up, the researchers finally folded and agreed to give the team a couple of hours before informing anyone.

    Leaving with the researchers certainly made the whole thing easier, a stroll in the tunnels as it were. Forty minutes after striking the deal, the elevator reached the surface. As the researchers huddled in a corner of the loading area, the team gathered in another one, awaiting Al and Becky and the anti-magic dust.

    After about ten minutes they showed up, Becky toting the box like it was a lunch box instead of a large and fairly heavy box of metamagical death. The elf who had arranged the deal on the part of the researchers came over and confirmed that they had accessed their funds, offering a substantial amount now, the rest to be transferred once the team was back to the surface or it was time for the researchers to call security. He added “If you are going to be opening the box for any reason, like rigging it up to be more of a weapon, I suggest doing it in the mana-void room. The shortage of mana will make it much less volatile, so less will get consumed and you won’t be working through a haze of anti-magic.”

    Al offered as to how he could rig a directional explosion in the box, if the dust wasn’t trying to eat him. Or he could provide the explosive to someone less magically afflicted to do the rigging.

    Aside from any other last minute grabbing of gear from the vehicles, this left little else to do but head back to earn a large chunk of nuyen, and to possibly stop a horror from beyond the known metaplanes from running rampant the hundred thousands residents of Sudbury.

  • jack_spade

    May 27, 2021 at 12:38 pm

    Kynos smiled for the first time with genuine enjoyment in this whole ordeal. To Al he said:
    “Don’t worry about your voodoo gods, My unmagical ass will take care of the deployment. Just give me the boomstuff and I’ll take over the assembly.”

    Once the team had tracked back again to the ground floor – or ground zero as Kynos already called it in his mind – he shared his thoughts: “So basically we have three phases to this encounter.

    First we shove the stuff into the last airlock, I cycle the locks, shove the package in, close the door again and hit the trigger. For good measure I’ll add my remaining HE grenades. After that we take a fragging hike, because I’m pretty sure that will cause a partial cave in.

    The tricky bit will be opening and closing the doors quickly enough to not let the eldritch abomination inside get the drop on us. So I’ll need Anna’s help as the only other mundane meat and metal muchacho around. The rest of you keep our escape route clear. Soka?”

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