Reply To: The Found Arcana [IC]

  • beta

    January 9, 2019 at 9:06 am

    OK, I think we have the start of a plan then. Now on to where/when/how we hit them. Do any of you have the technical skills to mess with their vehicles quickly and unobtrusively? It would be nice to get them away from the mall, but we don’t exactly have high speed pursuit vehicles, and if we let them get all the way home they could potentially be bunkered up pretty well.

    Jawsey takes a moment to stretch and try to make his back more comfortable while he collects his thoughts, then he summarizes “I think our options are basically three: to hit them as they leave Taco Temple, to stop or intercept them en route somehow, or to go after them at wherever they stop next after leaving. That first one has two options, I think: Hit them before they get vehicles moving, or hit them just as they get moving. The second has a lot of advantages in terms of choosing the battlefield, but has the problem that we don’t know the route they’ll take and we’d need some way to make sure they stop. The third gets us away from corp security and let’s us choose the timing a bit, but risks them having more resources.

    Finally he muses “It would be helpful if they would leave one guard outside on vehicle watch. Between Ginsburg’s tricks and Bobby and Mato’s combat prowess, we could probably take the guard down quickly and maybe use illusions to make one of us look like the guard? That might enable the stoppage en-route.