Reply To: Found Arcana – chapter 3 IC

  • beta

    July 16, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    In AM’s own search for information on Ms. Ceasar, she doesn’t find a lot. She thinks she has been quite thorough, there just does not seem to be a lot on the matrix, and some of that is other’s asking about this new player on the scene. Reading between the lines and backtracking sources, it would appear that Ms. Ceasar may have been in touch with the Finnigan family of the mafia about three months ago, and a Seoulpa ring a month after that, although for what is not clear.

    A couple of weeks ago the Reality Hackers posted the September reservations from “Ombre” a new dine-in-the-dark restaurant that has been trendy lately, and there is a Ms. Ceasar listed there, party of 2, on September 30th.

    More recently, nine days ago she won decent money in a back-room poker game in (the grey edge of) Bellevue (AM spitballs it in the 5-20k range, based on the reputation of the table and the degree of comments; the win only got commented because other players wanted her to come play again so they had a chance to win it back). The room is known to check players for magic and to jam to prevent matrix communication.

    In the realm of ‘possibly related’ there was Halloweener graffiti downtown a month ago showing a woman lying on some steps with a few knives her her back, labeled ‘Fail Ceasar.’ And back in August in the blog of Seattle Sweety, a high end call girl / gossip columnist, there was a note on August 3rd “A different sort of date yesterday, I took the client shopping. Hail! You’ll look great crossing the Rubicon darling.”

    Possibly Lysander’s meta-human network would have more information?