Reply To: Found Arcana – chapter 3 IC

  • beta

    July 19, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Lysander nods along as Bobby talks. When he’s done he seems consider for a moment, then decides “Yep, that will do. Well, that and five hundred nuyen …”

    After the cred is slid over to him he smiles in anticipation, then announces “I told you that I work miracles. I mentioned that Ms. Ceasar had been seen at a party in a brothel in Loveland. Of course I know Claire, the manager of the establishment. Claire is not a fan of being called a ‘Madame’, but relevant to my news is that Claire started off life as more of a ‘Monsieur’ than a ‘Madame’, and a good quarter of her girls didn’t start that way either.”

    “Takes one to know one, I guess? When I asked about Ms. Ceasar, Claire asked “The trans-woman?” I thought not at first, but Claire insisted, even when I showed pictures. Claire’s professional judgement is that she’s mostly had skin and hair work so far, along with with voice and movement training. Possibly hormones are started, but probably not far along. In other words at a prime point for passing either as male or female, with the right hair and clothes and bearing.”

    “Well, with THAT information in hand I was very curious and talked to someone I know who is skilled with matrix searching, and allowing for some image manipulation and changing the search parameters, we got a match. Julian Janvier. Technically Dr. Julian Janvier — they have Ph.D. in thaumaturgy from Texas AM&M. They, well you can dig up more info easily enough with that if you want. There is a local connection though, an Uncle passed away last Winter, a lawyer with a big firm. Whole family seems to go in for serious education?”

    Looking very smug he leans back and finishes up “And with name and old pictures, we found that Dr. Janvier/Ms. Ceasar have a place in ‘The Hostel’. It is a sort of anarchic commune of post-grad students in the University District. All big brains without steady employment because they haven’t sold out to the corps yet but aren’t suited to the streets. Enough of them make money enough of the time to keep the whole place afloat. They have an old three floor commercial building they’ve converted into sleeping rooms and common spaces. Their parties are good place to find some of the most experimental drugs to have been played with in labs. Unfortunately The Hostel isn’t really my scene, I’ve been to a party or two there, but the only contact I had there signed on with Ares last year.”