Reply To: Found Arcana – chapter 3 IC

  • beta

    September 4, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Bobby squeezed under the cot that was in the room — if Ceasar had a bed in the adjoining room, why did she have a cot in here anyway?

    Moments later he had a view of grey leather boots with a low heel, with a burgundy and grey striped skirt reaching to about mid-calf. More interestingly he got a view of the associated aura. The aura of a mundane in fairly good health and lacking any strong emotions.

    For better or worse, the person didn’t leave the room, but sat on a low stool by the low table. By the sounds they poured some additional liquid into one bowl and then added some spicy smelling powder to the other. They ignited the powder (Bobby can smell it) then lifted the other bowl and took a taste. Then she started working some kind of magic, Bobby can see it taking form in her aura, which is an odd thing to see in a supposedly mundane aura.

    Back downstairs, Mato was listening to how razor nails are both a statement of personal liberty and useful self-defense. She carries on for a bit about they also force her to stay mindful. All the time she keeps reaching out periodically to touch Bobby’s chrome.

    A little distance away, AM’s interlocutor had launched into an obviously rehearsed speech about how magic is special and can’t be expected to follow the rules of other commodities. After most of a minute she perhaps becomes away of losing her audience, because she breaks off to say “Look, just cheer for me in the debate, will you? It will help to have a practioner backing up what I say, and I don’t know if Spooky is coming down or not. They mumbled about maybe having to go out for some work maybe. Which is fine by me, but it helps to have some gifted people on your side, adds some relly meaning, you know?>>