Reply To: Found Arcana – chapter 3 IC

  • Tecumseh

    October 10, 2019 at 1:02 am

    “Barred?” Mato asks. “I didn’t see any bars.

    “It might not be standard glass, but it probably isn’t armored glass. Maybe ballistic glass, just enough to keep someone from crashing through it and suing the building owners if they survived the fall to the street. We can get through ballistic glass; it just depends on how visible and noisy we’re going to be.”

    Mato puzzles it out, privately wishing that Jawsey was there with his spirits and astral recon.

    “From the outside, I can throw something through the window, or pop my spur and open it like a can. AM can levitate me up there or I can climb up with gecko tape gloves. But this isn’t the most subtle approach, and I’m likely to be seen and/or heard. I can jump out the window and land, no problem, and I’m fast as a car on two feet, but I don’t fancy trying to run while carrying an oil painting under my arm. I could put it in the car, but if someone saw me then they’d see the car, and we’d be made.”

    Mato considers the roof.

    “Bobby, did you see roof access? Could you do your thing, get in, carry things to the roof, and then get levitated down from there? If we think time is of the essence, I could meet you up there, take the goods and step off the edge while you fly away. That’s a bit faster than levitating down. Then I’m in the car and we’re off. Bobby can trail the car to see if we have a tail. AM’s watcher can communicate with Bobby so that he can give the ‘all clear’.”