Reply To: The Found Arcana – Chapter 5 [IC]

  • beta

    March 23, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    As Jawsey headed back through the astral he was sure his aura was disturbed. AM’s words had gotten under his skin, and the whole concept of making the sacrifice to learn a secret about the Funhouse …. after they had to be there, rubbed him wrong too.

    But the truth was that the team was stretched thin, not in a good position to make the sacrifice. Still, once the spirit had the scent of soul, would it accept the lesser trade for the information and a promise of the big trade later?

    He found the spirit easily enough, it didn’t actually look like it had moved at all. Maybe it hadn’t; as best as Jawsey had been able to tell it had once spent a week watching a Stuffer Shack.

    Jawsey explained “My team agrees to the price for the information. And we are interested in the Secret too. We have another commitment to go to now, and the rest of them cannot come here so easily, since their bodies might not be allowed here. I would suggest, we meet halfway between highest-sun and sun-down to do the ritual. ” There followed the usual challenge of giving an address to a spirit, but eventually they identified the place to meet, and Jawsey returned to tell the team.