The Found Arcana – Third Interlude [OOC]

  • beta

    February 19, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    Character sheet is right, but not fully updated post run 4 yet. Also I’d missed that November expenses were due before run 4, so I’m going to do some post-hoc swapping of his debt repayment and monthly costs (I wasn’t paying attention and thought we had a second job in October). That will increase the debt interest he is paying for November.

    I’m probably not going to have time to do an update on him until the weekend (things happening the next couple of nights, and I need to spend a bit of time deciding his growth path before I piss away all his karma)

  • jack_spade

    February 19, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    Bobby „MadCat“ Walker (Amerindian)

    Karma Spend/Total: 109/109 (5 from Starting Karma)

    Chapter 1: 8k reward turns to 6800 after taxes – all that goes to reduce the In Debt quality down from 30.000 to 23.200

    Spending 4 Karma to reduce the quality down to In Debt II.

    10 Karma go to Flesh Sculpter quality, 15 Karma go to Taboo Transformer, leaving me with 1 Karma

    Spending 4 Karma to buy off In Debt II

    Chapter 2: 10000 Nuyen payout, 8500 after taxes. 1850+150 ear marked for lifestyle share, reducing debt by 6200 to 17.000,

    End of the month increases it to 18.700 Nuyen. Rest goes to money in hand


    Karma: 2 karma, enough to buy off a rank of In Debt if you can afford it

    Contact: Katsuo “Andrew” Musai, Yakuza sergeant, at Connection 4, Loyalty 1

    Knowledge Skills (general): 3 points to spend as you please, to either buy new knowledge skill(s) and/or to add to existing knowledge skills, the goal being to advance things that are often afterthoughts. Spend these the same way you would in chargen (e.g. a specialization costs 1 skill point).

    Knowledge Skill (specific): Sioux Sign Language at rank 1. This is from Native American Nations, Volume 1. It’s good for secure, non-verbal communication when wireless is unavailable or inadvisable. Granted, this was much more common in 1E-3E than it is now, but I think it’s something that Bobby might be able to mime while in some of his animal forms.

    Chapter 3:

    Karma: 25

    Contact: Jhonney Morad (Arms Dealer),(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 1)

    Knowledge Skill: Small Unit Tactics 1

    Money: 8000 Nuyen, 6800 after taxes. 1500 go to Lifestyle (left 5300), 500 go to Lysander (left 4900), 4700 go to reduce Debt

    Debt 18.700 reduced to 14.000. At the end of the next month this increases back up to 15.400 Nuyen

    200 go to Money on hand


    Karma: 2

    Contact: +1 Loyalty, Katsuo “Andrew” Musai (now Loyalty 2)

    Knowledge Skill (specific): +1 Sioux Sign Language

    Knowledge Skills (general): 3 points: +1 Small Unit Tactics (having seen the gang in Action), New Knowledge Skill Gangs (Redmond) for 2

    Chapter 4:

    Karma: 20

    Money: 14250 Nuyen, 12.112 after taxes.

    Debt 15,400 reduced to 3,400, 112 go to money on hand

    Interlude 2:

    Karma: 2 – spend on Battle Hardened I (Discounted)

    Knowledge Skills (general): 3 points to spend as you please, to either buy new knowledge skill(s) and/or to add to existing knowledge skills, the goal being to advance things that are often afterthoughts. Spend these the same way you would in chargen (e.g. a specialization costs 1 skill point).

    Quality (optional): Buy 1 rank of the Battle Hardened quality (Street Lethal, p. 181) without the x2 multiplier for postchargen quality purchases. So, +1 rank = 2 karma. The benefit: “Gain +1 to all Composure tests while engaged in a hostile situation. This quality can be taken up to three times, increasing the modifier by 1 each time. This quality does not offer any benefit versus spells or critter powers.”

    Contact (AM and Bobby): For their intervention on behalf of his wife and son, AM and Bobby get Clive Clarke as a free contact. He sells shoes and tries to keep his family together. He’s not that useful but he will religiously pay Bobby ¥20 a week for six months even if it means he has to skip meals to do so. Connection 1 / Loyalty 4 (Bobby), Loyalty 5 (AM).

    For Knowledge, I’m increaseing Small Unit Tactics (seems fitting with watching gang warfare), Gang Knowledge (dito) and add a point of Chemistry.

    From my 20 karma I still have left over, I’m spending 2 on Animal Handling 1, 2 on Artisan 1, 2 on Running 1, 2 on Swimming 1 and another 2 on First Aid 1, leaving me with 10 Karma in reserve. Those go to increase my Flesh Crafter to III


    BOD 5

    REA 2(5) (10 Karma)

    AGI 2 (10 Karma)

    STR 3

    CHA 4

    INT 6

    LOG 3

    WIL 5

    EDG 3 (15 Karma)

    MAG 7

    ESS 6


    Phys 6

    Ment 6

    Soc 6(7)


    Exceptional Attribute MAG 14

    Quick Healer 3

    Agile Defender 3

    Mentor Spirit (Beast aka: Shark) – Mentor‘s Mask 5

    Taboo Transformer

    Flesh Sculpter III

    Barehanded Adept (Mind Link, Extended Spatial Sense, Analyze Device, Shatter Shield)

    Elemental Attunement (Mastery)

    Super Human Psychosis -2

    National SIN (Sioux) -5

    Did you just call me dumb -3

    Impassive -7

    Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker) -4

    Skill groups:

    Stealth 6

    Outdoors 4

    Electronics 1 (5 Karma)


    Unarmed (Tooth and Claw) 6(8 ) +3

    Spellcasting (Manipulation) 6(8 )

    Gymnastics (Dodge) 6(8 )

    Perception 6

    Intimidate (Mental) 6(8 )

    Armorer (Armor) 1(3 )

    Piloting Ground 1

    Pistols 6

    Assensing (Aura Reading) 4(6 )

    Knowledge Skills:

    English (N)

    Lakota 6

    Sioux Sign Language 3

    Arcana 6

    Magical Threats 4

    Underworld 3 (Yakuza)

    Gangs 2 (Redmond)

    Zoology 5

    Military (Sioux) 3

    Marketing 1

    Small Unit Tactics 3

    Chemistry 1

    Fighting Styles:


    + Sweep

    + Counterstrike


    Talismonger (Bill Wildwater) 5/2

    Captain Razak (SDF) 4/3

    Lysander (Info Broker) 3/1

    Livewire (Neo-Anarchist hacker) 3/3

    Contact: Katsuo “Andrew” Musai, Yakuza sergeant, at Connection 4, Loyalty 2

    Contact: Jhonney Morad (Israeli Weapons Dealer) Connection 3, Loyalty 1

    Contact: Clive Clarke (Shoeseller) pays Bobby ¥20 a week for six months Connection 1 / Loyalty 4

    Adept Powers (Sioux Tradition) (Initate level 1):

    Killing Hands

    Increased Reflexes 3 3,5

    AGI Boost 0,25

    BOD Boost 0,25

    Astral Perception 1

    Adept Spell (Shapechange, Fetish) 1

    Heightened Concern 0,5

    Critical Strike 0,5

    Elemental Strike (Electricity) 0,5

    Elemental Body (Electricity) 1

    Demara 0,5

    Initiation (Ordeal: Hermit) (11 karma) Power Point

    Equipment 26000

    Fake SIN 2 -4000

    Armored Jacket -1000

    + ShockFrills -250

    Critter Armor 12 -600

    +Electrical Insulation 6 -1500

    +Chemical Protection 6 -1500

    Critter Googles R6 -300

    +Persona Mod (2 Electronic Packs) -500

    +Flare compensation -250

    +Low Light Vision -500

    +Visual Enhancement R3 -1500

    Comlink R1 -100

    Trodes -70

    Respirator R6 -300

    Survival Kit -200

    Fetish -2000

    Livestyle Medium (Shared) -1900

    1/4 of the Team Car -4000

    Reagents 49 -1000

    Stealth Tags 30 -30

    Medkit R3 -1500

    Miniwelder -250

    Defiance Ex Shocker -250

    +Laser Sight -125

    +Quickdraw Holster -175

    + 20 Taser Darts -100

    +Peronalized Grip -100

    Luggage (good) (Backpack) -100

    + Roll of duct tape -5

    Amorer Toolkit -500

    Microtransceiver -100

    Money on Hand 2037 (500 Nuyen lent to neighbor to keep his boy alive)


    Recruiting Interview with Specialist Robert Walker:

    Son of War Shaman Yanni “Dark Crow” Walker and Environmental Engineer Elisabeth Miller (official resident).

    Born August 12th 2051 in Cheyenne.

    Developed strong physical magical talent during highschool, was recruited into Sioux Defense Forces at age 17, recommended for special training at 18. Completed tour of duty at [Classified] and [Classified], talent for infiltration and scout duties. Recommended for special operations, recommendation rescinded due to disciplinary problems.

    Barred from further promotions, honorable discharge in 2073. Assessment by Shaman Bill Whitewater indicates severe totemic influence over personality and/or corrupted totem (Hunger/Wendigo classification).

    Self employed tourist guide, private detective and suspected mercenary work.

    Currently in debted to the Tiošpaye.

    Assessment: Ready for recruitment

    Cpt. Razak: Mr. Walker, how are you? It’s been a while since we met.

    Robert Walker: Yeah, long time no see… Could be better, could be worse. Anyone still alive from the 16th?

    CR: The 16th never dies – though no, no-one you’d know is still around. I heard you had some trouble recently? Something about a lost consignment for the extended Family?

    RW: You looking for trouble? Cause asking stuff like that is a quick way to getting digested by coyotes. I’ve got nothing to do with those assholes since Charlie took over.

    CR: Fair enough. But you are still looking for gainful employment, aren’t you? See kid, I always had a week spot for you and your abilities. A real shame that those pencil pushers couldn’t overlook that little scuffle you had with Seargent What’s-his-name.

    RW: Ha. Asshole deserved it.

    CR: Well, maybe you didn’t have to turn into a Chimpanzee, knock him out and throw your own feces at him.

    RW: Didn’t have to – wanted.

    CR: *Sigh* – Just for your information, it took me considerable effort to prevent them from just throwing you into prison and losing the key. The honorable discharge was the best I could do for you.

    RW: And my eternal gratitude it has ensured. What do you want? I’ve got a child’s birthday party to entertain and need to get into character soon.

    CR: How would you like to work for a real PI agency? In Seattle. A regular income, no troubles with the NAN authorities, interesting jobs and a new start?

    RW: Yeah – what’s the catch?

    CR: From time to time you’d be approached by someone who gives you a job you can’t refuse – still payed of course.

    RW: So black ops on forreign soil? Eh, what the hell, I’m in. At least it can’t be as boring as the shit I do right here…

  • Tecumseh

    February 19, 2020 at 5:58 pm


    There are no Lifestyle costs for November. We covered them with a Commercial lifestyle roll.

    See the first OOC page of Chapter 4 for more details. Post #12. (I’m not sure we can link to specific posts anymore.)

    You/Jawsey actually made the roll: [url=]Odd jobs roll[/url]: 16d6t5 8 hits

    Just debt payments are/were due for November.

  • beta

    February 19, 2020 at 6:59 pm

    Right, thank you!

  • gilga

    February 20, 2020 at 3:24 am

    Confirmed 😉

  • beta

    February 20, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    I finally made a spreadsheet to track Jawsey’s karma and nuyen flow, (including dates). In the process went over his character sheet quite a bit

    – I can confirm that he is now at in-debt 2

    – Realized I’d been rolling 12d6 drain resist when it should be 13

    – Realized I’d been implementing spirit whisperer wrong (it is +1 on the spirit resist dice, not +1 on the drain to be resisted)

    – I have 28 karma and 7000 nuyen sitting currently unused, not sure yet where they are going to (if anywhere pre-interlude). May earmark 20 karma towards increasing his magic, but that wouldn’t be done until early December.

  • Tecumseh

    February 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    I’m about to drop an IC post to kick off the third Interlude.

    My initial plan was to drop you right into the action, but I’m changing course at the last minute. I decided that I wanted to give people a chance to interact before putting events in motion. With Bobby coming back from something as personally meaningful as an initiation – something that AM and Jawsey would intrinsically understand – I wanted to give him an opportunity (to be taken or ignored at will) to at least post about his reentry into Seattle and to life at the agency.

    A couple requests about your IC posts:

    1) The action of the Interlude will be kicking off late night on November 23rd (a Wednesday), around 23:30 more or less. GM fiat says that you’ll all be at the HQ then. You can be doing whatever you want: eating, sleeping, surfing the ‘trix, polishing your guns, sitting fully armored in the bathtub, etc.

    2) Montage posts or anything covering the last few days/weeks are perfectly fine. The initial IC post will be doing some of this if you’re not sure what I mean. You’re free to dictate personal events between November 7th (the vernissage) and late on November 23rd (where I’ll pick things up). Bobby’s posts can go back earlier if Jack wants too.

    3) We can do a round or more of posting to transition Bobby back in, depending on how good that RP is. Once everyone is caught up and satisfied, we’ll get to the events of the Interlude.

  • Tecumseh

    February 22, 2020 at 1:48 pm

    Let me know how long people want to keep the RP going. I’ll let Bobby respond at least once more since Jawsey asked him a question.

  • jack_spade

    February 22, 2020 at 2:34 pm

    I’m fine with moving on. Bobby will shower and go to bed before long.

  • beta

    February 23, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    This IC I wrote yesterday doesn’t seem to have gone through (I was rushing, perhaps I became un-logged-in and missed that or something). But other than posting something in response again now I’m fine to move on.

  • Tecumseh

    February 23, 2020 at 11:38 pm

    AM asked Jawsey a direct question so I’ll let Jawsey answer it before moving things along.

  • gilga

    February 24, 2020 at 2:47 am

    Well, feel free to interrupt them if you think it makes for a good story.

    (the hour is a bit undefined, evening? and who’s to say that Bobby does not enter the apartment close to midnight and that the event catches him in the shower while AM and Jawsey are discussing arcane issues ).

  • jack_spade

    February 24, 2020 at 4:49 am

    Oh my God, Bobby naked without gear when trouble strikes, whatever shall he do… 😉

  • Tecumseh

    February 24, 2020 at 11:52 am

    Jack’s initial IC post said that Bobby returns “around six in the morning,” which is perfectly fine – I said your posts could cover anything over the past two weeks.

    But it also means that it happens well before the events of the Interlude, which would be – at the earliest, presuming Bobby returns on Wednesday the 23rd – about 18 hours later. I doubt Bobby’s shower would last that long.

    So I’ll let Jawsey reply, then we’ll fast-forward.

  • Tecumseh

    February 25, 2020 at 12:18 am

    Well I hoped to hear from Beta today but that didn’t happen so we’ll move along to the action.

    Again, you can be doing whatever you want or feel is realistic for the time. The only condition is that you’re at HQ when things blow up (heh).

  • Tecumseh

    February 25, 2020 at 12:19 pm


    No rain (yet), just strong winds for now.

    Dodge roll for Bobby vs. 3 hits, please. -2 because it’s an AoE attack and Bobby’s movement is constrained by the roof.

    Alternatively, if Bobby does something dramatic like jump off the roof and transform mid-fall, I’ll accept that as an automatic dodging success.

  • Tecumseh

    February 25, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    I’m slow-playing things a bit to see if Beta catches up. I know he’s been offline (or at least not posting) since Sunday.


    The range of Mindlink is Touch. I take that to mean that you (the caster) have to touch the subject that you’re mindlinked to. Let me know if you have a different interpretation. (There’s nothing really stopping you from tagging AM before running to the roof; I just want to be clear for future usage.) Also note that – per the spell description – it only applies to one target at a time.

    Barehanded Adept doubles the drain of a spell. Mindlink is F-1, so casting at F3 would be 2S, which would double to 4S. That would mean that Bobby takes a box of drain for his efforts. We could sweep it under the rug by saying that the casting happens at F2, although this would limit its range to 14 meters. That’s enough if Bobby stays on the roof.

    For casting I get Unarmed 6 + Magic 7 = 13. Does something drop you to 11?

    For your dodge, are you using Full Defense? Also, do you mean to have the Acrobatic Defender quality rather than Agile Defender, since your Gymnastics (Dodge) skill is so much higher than your Agility? (I know your Agility goes up and down as you transform. Just checking.)

  • beta

    February 25, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    Sorry, got side-swiped by work on Monday and forgot to get on-line by the time I got home. Looking like I’m going to have a couple weeks a whole lot busier than I’d expected, but will try to get at least daily quick posts in going forward.

  • jack_spade

    February 26, 2020 at 2:33 am


    I was on mobile when I typed that post, so a few inaccuracies could have snuck in.

    The Dodge should be correct. I was using the p.168 core option Dodge Ini -5 to add my Gymnastics skill to my defense: Rea5 + Int6 + Gym6 + Specialty (Dodge)2 – Fireball2 = 17

    For the barehanded casting I assumed for some reason I also had the -2

    As for the touch aspect: all detection spells are touch range, which I assume means you cast them on yourself and afterwards you get the benefit at range (Otherwise combat sense would work very well)

    The drain value is a straight up mistake on my part. I was looking at detect object above Mindlink.

    Bobby takes the point of physical drain and will remember to cast the body boost in future.

  • Tecumseh

    February 26, 2020 at 12:17 pm


    Good call on Dodge. I haven’t used that interrupt since 4E. My PCs and players always seem to use Parry or Block instead. I think Bobby is the PC with the highest Gymnastics I’ve seen in about 10 years since I had a sneaky Cat adept in 4E.

    Interesting observation about all Detection spells being Touch. I agree with your interpretation. Okay, so Bobby touches himself to cast, but he’ll still have to limit the mental connection to one individual unless he casts it twice. The recipient could, in theory, just relay Bobby’s messages to the odd person out via DNI/trodes.


    You’re welcome to react to the events, or stay in cover and watch them unfold, or _____. Your call.

    Taking a moment to count will suggest that there are about a dozen Brain Eaters and maybe two dozen Crimson Crush. From what you know, this represents about one-quarter of each gang, which means that this fight could get much larger if reinforcements arrive. But, for now, the Brain Eaters are outnumbered and outgunned, so they’re conducting a fighting retreat.

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