Wolves are rarely seen in the urban blight of the sprawl, but packs of them still roam the wilds of the Native American Nations. These packs are growing in number and in size. Wolves hunt in smaller packs of two to six, usually led by a stronger and tougher alpha male. In some cases, the alpha male may actually be a wolf shapeshifter.

[table]B |A |R |S |W |L |I |C |E |ESS
6 |3 |5 |5 |3 |2 |4 |3 |3 |6[/table]
Initiative 9 + 2D6
Movement x2/x8/+4
Condition Monitor 10/10
Limits Physical 6, Mental 4, Social 5
Armor 0
Skills Perception (Smell) 5 (+2), Running 5, Sneaking 5, Tracking 6, Unarmed Combat 7
Powers Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell), Natural Weapon (Claws/Bite: DV (STR+2)P, AP –1)

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