Mystic Restraints

For confining petty Awakened criminals, law-enforcement officers use cuffs and hoods that distract the incarcerated with lights and sounds or use electric shock to keep twitchy fingers in line. For the hardened criminal magicians, however, police use individually tailored mystic restraints. The shape of these restraints acts like acupuncture that restricts the magician’s access to magic. Mystic restraints (cuffs, masks, or jackets) have to be crafted with the Artificing skill, using the same Force requirements as crafting a symbolic link. Permanently creating the restraint requires 1 Karma.

Net hits from the Artificing Test determine the Force of the restraint, and the Force of the restraint reduces the Magic rating of the Awakened individual (including adepts). Adepts restrained this way temporarily lose Power Points associated with Magic loss; they may choose which powers are affected. There are many pressure points to use, but each restraint is limited to how much Magic it can it restrain. While restraints are made for a specific individual, an existing restraint can be attuned to another individual, but it will be half as effective. This requires an Intuition + Magic (5, 1 hour) Extended Test and requires either assensing the subject or having a material link of the subject to be used in attuning the restraints.

Mystic Cuff

SkillThresholdBase TimeMaterial CostAvailCostSource
¥(Force)R200¥ * ForceSR5:SG

Mystic cuffs are made of steel or titanium and can have a maximum Force of 8; they are ineffective if the subject has one or more cyberarms.

Mystic Jacket

SkillThresholdBase TimeMaterial CostAvailCostSource
¥(Force)R500¥ * ForceSR5:SG

Similar to a straitjacket, a mystic jacket can have embedded brass studs on the inside and woven symbols on the outside. A mystic jacket can have a Force up to 18.If the subject has the Flux metamagic (p. 150), he can reduce the effectiveness of the mystic restraints by his initiate grade while his aura is in flux.

Mystic Mask

SkillThresholdBase TimeMaterial CostAvailCostSource
¥(Force)R400¥ * ForceSR5:SG

Masks are made of steel and leather or ceramic and have a maximum Force of 12.

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