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    Character Sheet
    Name/Alias: Josiah Willows/Slobbertooth
    Metatype: Ork
    Remaining Karma: 12 Total Karma: 74 Street Cred: 6 Notoriety: 0 Nuyen: 21,493
    Attributes: B: 7 A: 6(+2) R: 5(8) S: 5 W: 4 L: 3 I: 5 C: 3 Magic: 6 (Initiatiion 2) Ess: 6 Edge: 3
    Derived Stats: Comp 6, Judge 8, Mem 7, Move 12 (16), Lift/Carry 75/50 kg & 12 dice.
    Limits: Physical 9, Mental 5, Social 6
    Physical Init: 10(13)+1d6(4d6)

    Defense 10(17)
    Surprise 10(15) + Always get a test
    Condition Monitor: 12 Phys, 10 Stun
    Armor: 12+2 (Armor Jacket, Helmet) or 15+3 (Full Body Armor, Helmet) or 9+4 (Berwick Suit,Argentum Coat) (not nearly that handsome)


    Active Skills
    Skill – DicePool (Augmented+Bonus) – Attribute – Skill Ranks
    Animal Handling: Base 1 Charisma 3. Dicepool 4
    Acana: Base 1 Logic 3. Dicepool 4
    Automatics: Base 6(8)(+2 Assault Rifles) Agility 6(+2). Dicepool 12(14+2)(+2 Assault Rifles)
    Escape Artist: Base 1 Agility 6(+2). Dicepool 7(+2)
    Gymnastics: Base 6 Agilty 6(+2) Quality 2. Dicepool 14(+2)
    Heavy Weapons: Base 1 Agiltiy 6(+2). Dicepool 7(+2)
    Influence Group: Base 2 Charisma 3. Dicepool 5
    Palming: Base 1 Agility 6(+2). Dicepool 7(+2)
    Perception: Base 6 (+3 Audio and Visual) Intuition 5. Dicepool 11 (+3 Audio and Visual)
    Pilot Ground Crafft: Base 1 Reaction 6(9). Dicepool 7(10)
    Pistols: Base 6 Agility 6(+2). Dicepool 12(+2)
    Running: Base 1 Strength 5 Quality 2. Dicepool 8
    Sneak: Base 4 Agility 6(+2). Dicepool 10(+2)
    Swimming: Base 1 Strength 5. Dicepool 6
    Throwing: Base 1 Agility 6(+2). Dicepool 7(+2)
    Tracking: Base 0 Intuition 5 Spirit Guide +2. Dicepool 6

    Knowledge Skills:
    Firearms (Interest): Base 4 Intution 5. Dicepool 9
    Human Supremacist Groups (Street): Base 4 Intution 5. Dicepool 9
    Sprawl Life (Street): Base 4 Intuition 5. Dicepool 9

    Languages: English Native, Japanese 4, Or’zet Native
    Positive Qualities: Agile Defender, Bilingual (Or’zet), Mentor Spirit(Wolf), Natural Athlete, Quick Healer, Warriors Way
    Negative Qualities: Code of Honor (Won’t harm innocent bystanders), Distinctive Style, Wanted

    Contacts: Kazuya Armstrong, Fixer (Connection 3, Loyalty 4); Street Doc (Connection 1, Loyalty 1); Dr. Schmitt (Connection 6, Loyalty 3); Hank the Janitor (Connection 3, Loyalty 2); Marcy the Security Spider (Connection 2, Loyalty 1); Sunkid the Kitsune (Connection 7, Loyalty 3); Scary Spice, Smuggler and Mercenary (Connection 5, Loyalty 4)

    Adept Powers:
    Power Points Used/Total: 7/7
    Warriors Way Discounts: Combat Sense, Improved Ability(Automatics), Improved Ability (Pistols). Bonding Weapon foci costs 2 Karma less than normal.
    Agility Boost 2(Wolf spirit) – 0pp
    Combat Sense 4 – 1pp
    Danger Sense 2 – 0.5pp
    Improved Ability(Automatics) 2 – .5pp
    Improved Reflexes 3 – 3.5pp
    Killing Hands – 0.5pp
    Motion Sense – 0.5pp
    Rapid Draw – 0.5pp

    Initiate Level 1: +1 Power Points
    Initiate Level 2: Masking (8d6)

    Bug Scanner 6
    Earbuds (Audio Enhancement 3)
    Glasses (Image link, Vision Enhance 3)
    Micro Transceiver
    Tag Eraser
    Handheld Sensor Housing (Cyberware, MAD Scanner, Ultrasound)

    2 Meta Link (Rating 1)
    Hermes Ikon (Rating 5)
    Transys Avalon (Rating 6)

    Magic Equipment
    Weapon Foci Knucks Rating 3

    Survival Gear
    Climbing Gear
    Gas Mask
    5 Light Sticks
    5 Magnesium Torches
    Medkit (Rating 3)
    Respirator (Rating 6)
    Survival Kit

    Licenses and Identification
    Fake SIN 4 (Brugo Suzuki) w/ Fake adept license, Firearms license, Driver’s License. High Lifestyle (w/ 4 other tenants)

    B&E Gear
    4 Thermite Burning Bars
    Monofilament Chainsaw

    Medical Equipment
    2 Trauma Patches

    Gold Credstick
    Silver Credstcik
    Standard Credstick
    1 Containment Manacles
    5 Plasteel Restraints
    50 Plastic Restraints
    Duffel Bags
    Tactical vest

    Armor Jacket 12 w/Helmet +2 (Trode Net, Thermographic Vision, Smartlink, Image Link, Flare Compensator)
    Full Body Armor 15 (Nonconductivity 4, Fire Resistance 4, Thermal Damping 4, Ruthenium Polymer 4, Shock Frills, YNT Softweave (18/21 Capacity used)
    w/ Helmet+3 (Trode Net, Thermographic Vision, Smartlink, Image Link/HUD, Flare Compensator, Respirator 6, Micro-transciever)
    Berwick Suit 9 w/Argentum Coat 12/+4 (increase social limit by 1, -3 modifier fo concealability)

    Melee Weapons:
    Survival Knife
    Damage Code:
    Dice Pool: 5[5]

    Monofilament Chainsaw
    Damage Code 8p -6 (Double vs barriers)
    Dice Pool: 5[3]

    Knucks (Foci 3)
    Damage Code S+1P
    Dice Pool: 5(8) [Physical]

    Damage Code S
    Dice Pool 5[Physical]

    Ranged Weapons:
    Combat Statistics
    Ruger Super Warhawk (Heavy Pistol)
    Damage Code: 9P -2AP.
    Dice Pool: 12 [6(8)]
    Firing Mode(Ammo): SS(6cy)
    Concealability +0
    Attachments: Silencer. 8 Speed loaders. Personalized Grip. Imaging Scope(w/ image link). Concealed quick-draw holster. Intergrated smartgun system.

    HK-227 (SMG)
    Damage Code: 7P
    Dicepool: 14[6(8)]
    Firing Mode(Ammo) BA/BF/FA (28c)
    RC 8
    Concealability +1
    Attachments: 9 spare clips. Gas vent 3 system, Imaginge Scop(w/image link). Low-light flashlight. Foregrip. Personalized Grip. Shock pad. Sling. Integrated suppressor, smartgun system.

    Yamaha Raiden (Assault Rifle)
    Damage Code: 11P-1
    Dice Pool: 16[7(9)]
    Firing Mode (Ammo): BF/FA (60c)
    RC: 7/10
    Concealment +6
    w/ Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
    Damage Code: Grenade
    Fireing Mode (Ammo): SS (6c)
    Attachments: 9 spare clips. Advanced Safety System (Biometric, Electroshock). Rating 3 Gase Vent System. Folding Stock. Sling. Low-light Flashlight. Infrared Flashlight. Imaging scope(+image link). Slidemounts X3. Underbarrel Grenade Launcher OR Tripod. Integrated Suppresor and smartgun system.

    *Notes ammunition shared by the team
    Heavy Pistol
    APDS: 60
    Gel: 70
    Hollow Point: 20
    Standard: 30
    Stick n Shock: 30

    APDS: 60
    Gel: 30
    Holllow Point: 30
    Standard: 170+320*
    Stick n Shock: 320*

    Assault Rifle
    APDS: 300
    Ex-Explosive: 241*
    Flechette: 252*
    Gel: 252*
    Standard: 540

    Hand Grenades
    Flashbang 4
    Smoke 5
    Thermal Smoke 5
    Flash Pak 4
    High Explosive 4
    NeuroStunX 5
    NeuroStun VIII 5

    Launcher Grenades
    Flashbang 12
    Smoke 12
    High Explosive 12
    CS Gas 10

    Suzuki Mirage (Atmosphere and Motion Sensors
    Handl 5/3 Speed 6 Accel 3 Bod 5 Armor 6 Pilot 1 Sensor 2 Seats 1

    Rover Model 2072
    Handl 5/5 Speed 4 Accel 2 Bod 15 Armor 12 Pilot 2 Sensor 4 Seats 6

    High Lifestyle (Base stats Run Faster p. 218)
    Comfort and Necessities 4
    Security [6]
    Neighborhood 5 (5 = A zone, 2d6+3 minutes response time)
    Points 6

    Garage (Car Body 4+) – 2 Points, 100¥
    Garage (Car Body 4+) – 2 Points, 100¥
    Security +2 Points

    Matrix Grid Access (SR5 p. 222): Saeder-Krupp
    Fashion: We might need to buy some halfway decent suits to fit in.

    Total cost per person: ( Base (10,000¥ + 200¥)*Troll 1.5 )/4 People = 3825¥ per person per month.
    Housing Images and Details

    Backstory & Description

    Nicknamed “Slobbertooth” for his notably large tusks, Josiah Willows was born a SINless child to his William and Zelda in Seattle in 2055, Josiah Willows did not expect to be a runner. He began manifesting the gifts of an adept when he was 8 year old, gifts his parents encouraged him to further develop and hone along with the natural athletic gifts he was born with. It was a nice childhood. His parents made enough money to own a small home, and they lived in a tightly knit corner of the sprawls. They had enough money that he was able to practice martial arts and still eat. He made fast friends with the Armstrong children, a third generation Japanese family, enough that he would pick up Japanese, in addition to the Or’zet and English spoke in his home. To this day, he relies on Kazuya Armstrong as his primary fixer to get the tools he needs.

    The happy childhood was destroyed in December of 2062. Josiah returned to his home one evening after visiting the Armstrongs to find it burning. His father had been hung and then shot in front of the building, his mother knocked unconscious and left with everything he and his family owned to burn in the fire. It was a Humanis hate crime executed by some small time gangers. That was also the first time that Slobbertooth heard the voice of the Wolf, chiding him to hunt the men who killed his family. For the next three years, the Armstrong family would provide him shelter, and he taught himself how to accurately fire a gun, keeping an ear open for news about the men murdered William and Zelda Willows.

    In 2068, human supremacists began threatening the Armstrong family, having learned that they were, in their words “protecting a tusker who defames the purity of our sprawl.” Slobbertooth left the house with everything he owned the following evening to protect the Armstrong family from further violence. Slobbertooth began his career running in the shadows, after “dealing” with the supremacists threatening Kazuya’s family. While Slobbertooth relies on runs to pay the bills, he takes particular pride in the completion of any job that targets Humanis’ or any other Human Supremacist group’s operations, and will often jump at the chance to complete a job to get him closer to his parent’s killers.

    Daily Routine
    Josiah “Slobbertooth” Willows is a night owl, most comfortable when he’s out on the streets, hanging out in dive bars and with the rest of the delinquents he grew up with. He’ll often arrive to the house around 8 am, and then leave again. Most of the time he’s in the house, he’ll be asleep in his room. When he’s awake he’s doing some basic workouts (pushups, sit ups, pull ups, etc.), eating, talking shop with Torrent and Krestov, or watching an action trid.

    Slobbertooth is jovial most of the time, even in bad situations. He’s experienced enough heartbreak and sadness that the standard trouble that comes from Shadowrunning usually fails to dull his spirits. For all that friendliness, the tusker has a short temper, especially when drunk. He has no problem starting a fist fight, and refuses to back down once a brawl starts.

    Most people get the feeling that he’s hiding something from them, or that he is trying to remain emotionally distant. Discussions of his past are never go far beyond the death of his parents at the hands of Humanis punks. He feels no reason for others to know more than that.

    Appearance Picture of Slobbertooth
    Josiah isn’t the most appealing figure in terms of appearance His wild black hair in a ponytail, grey-red eyes, scruffy beard, large tusks, and multiple scars gives him an appearance that some might call rugged, others disturbing. The scruffy face and scars go well the orc’s powerful and lean build, honed after years of hard knocks and running the shadows

    When Slobbertooth goes out on his own, he goes out for one of three purposes.
    [*]To try and dig up leads on the murderers of his parents, William and Zelda Willows, and practice his skill with his weapons
    [*]To get wasted in a dive bar with K and their favorite local scum
    [*]To kick back and and relax by kicking in some Humanis punks’ heads.

    His friends can occasionally drag him out to a club, but he isn’t the best wingman. His coarse jokes, coarse appearance, and coarse temperament often drive away the men and women that are interested in his companions. A large, drunk, and foul tempered orc who is more than willing to flash a firearm tends to do that.

    Down in a couple of the famous dive bars, Shadowrunner hangouts, and other places in the Seattle barrens that would be dangerous if Slobbertooth didn’t know the lay of the land after growing up there. Once a month he’ll visit the burned down remains of his childhood home, and his parent’s graves.

    Slobbertooth doesn’t have a problem working and living with his teammates, but doesn’t go out of his ways to do socialize with them. He’s often the last to propose going to a bar, seeing a new trid film or any other group event, but he’ll usually be quick to join in.

    Slobbertooth occasionally communes with Wolf, but rarely in a formal way. Slobbertooth isn’t much for meditation. It’s normally extemporaneous conversation that happens while Slobbertooth is lying in bed, walking through the rain, or looking through the pockets of some unconscious Human supremacists.

    His closest friend, sibling really, is Kazuya Armstrong (K). If Slobbertooth is out attacking Humanis punks, or hanging out in dive bars, it’s usually with K. A picture of K[/b]

    He’ll occasionally contact Kazuya’s fraternal twin sister Hiroko Armstrong. They’re close, but nothing romantic has developed between them over the years, though he does have feelings for her. Slobbertooth isn’t around enough for that. Still, K isn’t allowed to know about that. Ever. A picture of Hiroko

    After a run in with some Triad mages, Slobbertooth adopted one of their Tibetan Mastiffs who would have been abandoned by the deceased. She was named Li, but she is now called Zelda after Josiah’s mother. A picture of Zelda

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    Volker Time Zone: Austria (UTC+01:00)

    Bianca Burgstaller, short bnc, 20 yo hyper-intelligent drug addict and burning hot decker

    Metatype: Human Karma: 1
    Attributes: B: 2 A: 2 R: 3 S: 1 W: 5 L: 7 (8\) I: 6 C: 2 Ess: 4 Edge: 4
    Active Skills:

    Automatics 5
    Sneaking 4
    Computer 6
    Hardware 4
    Software 6
    Cybercombat 6
    Electronic Warfare 6
    Hacking 6
    Chemistry 3
    Unarmed Combat 4
    Perception 3
    Con 3
    First Aid 4
    Gunnery 4
    Pilot Groundcraft 4
    Pilot Aircraft 3
    Negotiation 3
    Disguise 2
    Explosives 1
    Medicine 1

    Knowledge Skills:

    Politics 4
    Psychology 2
    Night clubs 2
    Matrix legends 2
    Matrix Security 5
    Magic Theory 4

    German/Austrian Native
    English 5


    Codeslinger (Hacking on the fly)
    Exceptional Logic
    Moderate addiction to Golden Mirror
    Fade to Black
    Biased to Viennese and Germans
    Light Food Allergy (in fact, she’s not allergic. Her digestion is so messed up that she can’t eat something heavier than yoghurt or, when she’s starved, musli)
    Enemy (Dan, 4/2)


    Ingram Smartgun X
    2×32 normal, 32 Gel ammo
    Hiden arm slide
    Concealable holster

    Clothing and Armor:

    Electrochromic Clothing
    Armor Jacket
    Chameleon Suite


    Cerebral Booster I
    Shock hand
    Fiberoptic Hair
    WiFi Tattoos (Chameleon Skin, Kopf u Arme)
    Bio Monitor
    Control Rig II (Alpha ware)


    Headware Novatech Navigator
    Signal Scrub
    Virtual Machine
    Baby Monitor
    Fly on a Wall
    Vectored Signal Filter
    Device Modification + Program Carrier (Encryption)
    Agent V

    Drones and Vehicles:

    MCT-Nissan Rotor-Drone
    w/ Cavalier Arms Brockett EBR
    3 Noizquitos
    Black Rover 2072 (it doesn’t technically belong to bnc, but I figure it makes sense to mention it in my character sheet)
    w/ SF-20 HMG


    Fairlight Caliban
    Trid projector
    Electronic paper x2
    Satellite link
    2 Datachip RFIDs, 1 Sensor Tag, 1 Stealth Tag
    Micro Camera
    some groovy contact lenses
    Chemistry Toolkit
    Medkit III
    Hardware toolkit
    3 stealth tags
    2 sensor tags
    3 data taps
    area jammer V

    SIN and licences:

    Fake SIN III
    Fake SIN V
    Licences rating IV for Shockhand & Ares & Chameleon
    Licence rating 6 für Deck

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    Yael grew in poverty and as a SINless child, with a sick mother and a younger brother. Her formative years were spent begging, and conning people out of their money, pickpocketing and stealing everything she needed to survive. Her skills did not fail her and the family managed to somehow keep afloat. Yael was good enough at her trade and careful enough to reach puberty, at the age of 14 she had a life-changing event, pick-pocketing from the wrong person – a person with a gun, an Ares Predator. Finding herself at the wrong edge of a gun, the young girl had to return the credstick she lifted from a man that clearly did not belong in her neighborhood.

    The man shot her anyway – he was that angry and she was sinless. He thought he’d get away with it. Yael has decided to play dead and had the chance to listen to the man talk to his lawyer. A brilliant criminal lawyer named Debbie that has later became one of Yael’s contacts. Debbie has instructed the man to toss the gun in the garbage and create an alibi.

    The man tossed the murder weapon to a nearby garbage can and went away, having heard the conversation the wounded girl scouted nearby garbage cans before getting help. She was THAT excited about owning a gun. Once recovered, Yael has trained with the gun a lot, figuring out that she would be safer with it. Yael discovered that she was gifted with pistols, and quickly got proficient. A gun had many benefits and one of them was – that it was easier to find jobs – paying jobs.

    Yael awakened at the age of 16, and it was a mixed blessing. From one side she had a very bad opinion about mages that discovering that she was one of THEM was a crisis. Assensing and astral projection were her first capabilities. They seemed to be in high damned in the Barrens, being able to discreetly spy on people. It was a tool and like the gun, it increased her employability.

    Debbie, the shark lawyer that unintentionally saved Yael’s life a few years ago became a regular client. She paid Yael to check things out for her, to sense clients and see if they are likely lying and get a glimpse at their true mental state. Until the age of 17, this was all Yael knew how to do, use the astral. Then, a local talismonger has taken the young teen under his wing and gave her some magical education. The very basics of spell-casting. The healing spell was Yael’s first spell – and that one have made the young mage quite popular in her neighborhood. Street gangs have begun sending her they’re wounded to heal and Yael finally had earned their respect.

    Over the years, Yael has managed to deepen her knowledge of magic and increase her vocabulary. At the age of 20, she is an established street mage, the pay has improved and along with it the chance of buying good for her little family. Her spell selection is still limited and is mainly aimed at augmenting Yael’s mundane skills,

    The crunch 😉

    == Info ==
    Name: Yael Bar Alias:
    Human, F Movement: 10/20, 10m/ hit, Swim: 5, 5m/ hit
    170, 60 Composure: 10
    Street Cred: 4 Judge Intentions: 10
    Notoriety: 0 Lift/Carry: 6 (15 kg/10 kg)
    Public Awareness: 0 Memory: 7
    Karma: 41 Nuyen: 125
    Age: 20 Skin: tan
    Eyes: Green Hair: Brown

    == Priorities ==
    Metatype: E,0
    Attributes: A,4
    Special: C,2
    Skills: A,4
    Resources: E,0
    Bonus Skill: Aeronautics Mechanic
    Bonus Skill: Alchemy

    == Attributes ==
    BOD: 5 CHA: 5
    AGI: 5 INT: 5
    REA: 5 LOG: 2
    STR: 2 WIL: 5
    EDG: 2 MAG: 5

    == Derived Attributes ==
    Essence: 6 Initiative: 10 + 1d6
    Physical Damage Track: 11 Rigger Init: 10 + 1d6
    Stun Damage Track: 11 Astral Init: 10 + 2d6
    Physical: 5 Matrix AR Init: 10 + 1d6
    Mental: 5 Matrix VR Cold Init: 5 + DP + 3d6
    Audio Enhancement [+3] (Only for audio Perception)
    Vision Enhancement [+3] (Only for visual Perception)
    Social: 7 Matrix VR Hot Init: 5 + DP + 4d6
    Vashon Island: Ace of Coins [+3] (Must be visible)
    Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger [+1] (Must be visible)
    Zoé: Heritage 12 [+2] (Must be visible)
    Astral: 7

    == Active Skills ==
    Assensing (Aura Reading) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11 (13)
    Con Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 9
    Counterspelling (Combat) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11 (13)
    Disguise Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
    Etiquette Base: 5 + Karma: 0 = 5 Pool: 10
    Impersonation Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 9
    Palming Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
    Perception Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
    Performance Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 9
    Pistols (Semi-Automatics) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11 (13)
    Sneaking Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
    Spellcasting (Health) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11 (13)
    Summoning (Spirits of Man) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11 (13)

    == Knowledge Skills ==
    Alcohol Base: 3 + Karma: 0 = 3 Pool: 8
    Bars and Clubs Base: 1 + Karma: 0 = 1 Pool: 6
    Magical Theory Base: 3 + Karma: 0 = 3 Pool: 5
    Magical Threats Base: 3 + Karma: 0 = 3 Pool: 5
    Music Base: 1 + Karma: 0 = 1 Pool: 6
    Underworld Base: 1 + Karma: 0 = 1 Pool: 6

    == Contacts ==
    Debbie Millier (Shark Lawyer) (CON: 4, LOY: 1)
    Little Jim (Talismonger) (CON: 5, LOY: 1)
    Moni ‘No Show’ Naor (Talent Scout) (CON: 1, LOY: 3)

    == Qualities ==
    Code of Honor (Uninvolved)
    Dependent (Inconvenience)
    Focused Concentration (Rating 5)
    Mentor Spirit (Bear)
    Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

    == Spells ==
    (Tradition: Chaos Magic, Resist Drain with WIL + INT (10))
    Heal DV: F-4
    Improved Invisibility DV: F-1
    Increase [Attribute] (CHA) DV: F-3
    Increase [Attribute] (INT) DV: F-3
    Increase [Attribute] (REA) DV: F-3
    Levitate DV: F-2
    Stunbolt DV: F-3

    == Lifestyles ==
    Shitty Apartment (Low) 1 months

    == Armor ==
    Ballistic Mask 2
    Chameleon Suit 9
    +Fire Resistance 1
    +Nonconductivity 2
    +Thermal Damping 6
    Vashon Island: Ace of Coins 7
    +Electrochromic Clothing
    +Faraday Pocket
    +Nonconductivity 1
    Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger 13
    +Custom Fit
    +Newest Model
    +Nonconductivity 4
    +Ruthenium Polymer Coating 3
    +Thermal Damping 6
    Zoé: Heritage 12 12
    +Custom Fit
    +Newest Model
    +Thermal Damping 6
    Zoé: Second Skin 2
    +Custom Fit (Stack)
    +Newest Model
    +Nonconductivity 2
    +Ruthenium Polymer Coating 4

    == Weapons ==
    Ares Predator V
    +Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    +Gas-Vent 3 System
    +Shock Pad
    +Smartgun System, Internal
    Pool: 11 (13) Accuracy: 7 DV: 8P AP: -1 RC: 5 (6)
    Defiance EX Shocker
    +Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    +Laser Sight
    Pool: 11 Accuracy: 5 DV: 9S(e) AP: -5 RC: 2
    Ruger Super Warhawk
    +Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    +Gas-Vent 3 System
    +Smartgun System, Internal
    Pool: 11 Accuracy: 7 DV: 9P AP: -2 RC: 5
    Streetline Special
    +Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    +Personalized Grip
    +Smartgun System, Internal
    Pool: 11 Accuracy: 7 DV: 6P AP: – RC: 2
    Unarmed Attack
    Pool: 4 Accuracy: 4 DV: 1S AP: – RC: 2

    == Commlink ==
    Hermes Ikon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 5, FWL: 5)

    == Gear ==
    Ammo: APDS (Heavy Pistols) x40
    Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) x100
    Ammo: Regular Ammo (Light Pistols) x60
    Ammo: Taser Dart (Tasers) x12
    Contacts Rating 3
    +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
    Cram x10
    Earbuds Rating 3
    +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
    Fake SIN (Anna Mirochnik) Rating 3
    Glasses Rating 4
    +Thermographic Vision
    +Image Link
    +Low Light
    Magical Lodge Materials Rating 6
    Smart Wig
    Tool Kit (Disguise)

    == Karma Expenses ==
    -10 Attribute STR 1–>2
    3/26/2017 10:51:17 PM 11 Mission Reward
    2/1/2017 8:53:59 PM 10 Mission Reward
    9/13/2016 9:20:20 PM -5 Learned Spell Levitate
    9/13/2016 9:20:02 PM -5 Learned Spell Improved Invisibility
    9/13/2016 9:16:57 PM -10 Attribute LOG 1 -> 2
    9/13/2016 9:16:30 PM 20 Mission Reward

    == Nuyen Expenses ==
    3/27/2017 9:05:56 PM -150 Purchased Armor Ballistic Mask
    3/27/2017 9:04:12 PM -120 Purchased Gear Ammo: Regular Ammo
    3/27/2017 9:03:01 PM -60 Purchased Gear Ammo: Taser Dart
    3/27/2017 9:01:48 PM -275 Purchased Weapon Accessory Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    3/27/2017 9:01:39 PM -1000 Purchased Weapon Accessory Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    3/27/2017 9:01:13 PM -125 Purchased Weapon Accessory Laser Sight
    3/27/2017 9:00:49 PM -250 Purchased Weapon Defiance EX Shocker
    3/27/2017 8:59:41 PM -70 Purchased Armor Gear Trodes
    3/27/2017 8:59:25 PM -70 Purchased Armor Gear Trodes
    3/27/2017 8:59:03 PM -70 Purchased Armor Gear Trodes
    3/27/2017 8:57:02 PM -500 Purchased Armor Mod Nonconductivity
    3/27/2017 8:56:09 PM -3000 Purchased Armor Mod Thermal Damping
    3/27/2017 8:55:03 PM -12000 Purchased Armor Zoé: Second Skin
    3/27/2017 8:54:46 PM -8000 Purchased Armor Zoé: Heritage 12
    3/27/2017 8:52:14 PM -1500 Purchased Gear Audio Enhancement
    3/27/2017 8:51:19 PM -150 Purchased Gear Earbuds
    3/27/2017 8:50:23 PM -1500 Purchased Gear Vision Enhancement
    3/27/2017 8:49:59 PM -600 Purchased Gear Contacts
    3/27/2017 8:49:10 PM -500 Purchased Gear Low Light
    3/27/2017 8:46:26 PM 30000 Mission Reward
    3/26/2017 11:26:49 PM -3000 Purchased Gear Magical Lodge Materials
    3/26/2017 11:24:53 PM -100 Purchased Weapon Accessory Personalized Grip
    3/26/2017 11:24:25 PM -275 Purchased Weapon Accessory Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    3/26/2017 11:24:10 PM -120 Purchased Weapon Accessory Smartgun System, Internal
    3/26/2017 11:23:53 PM -1000 Purchased Weapon Accessory Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    3/26/2017 11:23:42 PM -120 Purchased Weapon Streetline Special
    3/26/2017 11:19:55 PM -70 Purchased Gear Trodes
    3/26/2017 11:17:46 PM -1200 Purchased Gear Smart Wig
    3/26/2017 10:51:28 PM 5000 Mission Reward
    9/13/2016 9:37:04 PM -200 Purchased Gear Ammo: Regular Ammo
    9/13/2016 9:36:10 PM -480 Purchased Gear Ammo: APDS
    9/13/2016 9:34:36 PM -7500 Purchased Gear Fake SIN
    9/13/2016 9:33:16 PM -275 Purchased Weapon Accessory Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    9/13/2016 9:32:58 PM -400 Purchased Weapon Accessory Smartgun System, Internal
    9/13/2016 9:32:43 PM -600 Purchased Weapon Accessory Gas-Vent 3 System
    9/13/2016 9:32:37 PM -1000 Purchased Weapon Accessory Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    9/13/2016 9:32:18 PM -275 Purchased Weapon Accessory Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
    9/13/2016 9:32:11 PM -50 Purchased Weapon Accessory Shock Pad
    9/13/2016 9:31:59 PM -600 Purchased Weapon Accessory Gas-Vent 3 System
    9/13/2016 9:31:48 PM -1000 Purchased Weapon Accessory Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
    9/13/2016 9:30:24 PM -400 Purchased Weapon Ruger Super Warhawk
    9/13/2016 9:30:21 PM -725 Purchased Weapon Ares Predator V
    9/13/2016 9:28:11 PM -500 Purchased Armor Mod Nonconductivity
    9/13/2016 9:27:55 PM -3000 Purchased Armor Mod Thermal Damping
    9/13/2016 9:27:16 PM -260 Purchased Armor Mod Fire Resistance
    9/13/2016 9:26:47 PM -1000 Purchased Armor Mod Nonconductivity
    9/13/2016 9:26:25 PM -3000 Purchased Armor Mod Thermal Damping
    9/13/2016 9:25:41 PM -1700 Purchased Armor Chameleon Suit
    9/13/2016 9:25:27 PM -13500 Purchased Armor Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger
    9/13/2016 9:24:44 PM -25 Purchased Gear Image Link
    9/13/2016 9:24:23 PM -500 Purchased Gear Vision Enhancement
    9/13/2016 9:24:09 PM -500 Purchased Gear Thermographic Vision
    9/13/2016 9:23:56 PM -2000 Purchased Gear Smartlink
    9/13/2016 9:23:15 PM -400 Purchased Gear Glasses
    9/13/2016 9:22:47 PM -500 Purchased Gear Tool Kit
    9/13/2016 9:21:08 PM -100 Purchased Gear Cram
    9/13/2016 9:16:37 PM 40000 Mission Reward
    9/13/2016 9:16:19 PM 1440 Starting Nuyen

    bnc’s ‘background check’

    Well, there is not much digital information about Yael, as it is just a name without a SIN behind it. I assume there are some records that you can find if you try. She is Pullyallup grown, and have done some odd things to support herself. She was mainly a beggar and a thief as a street urchin.She was probably arrested a couple of times, but never for something that justified a criminal SIN, usually for disturbing the peace and playing begging in public places.

    She played the guitar from a young age and but was more talented with palming than with the guitar. Since the age of 13-14, she was doing odd jobs for the local gangs as a muscle for hire, she is a professional gunslinger and has even taken a bullet or two. Yael awakened at 12 but did not have anyone to guide her. So the only magical skill she had was asensing, she did not share this capability with anyone as she was afraid of people’s reaction. (geek the mage first and anything).

    She ‘came out’ as a mage at the age of 16 when she illegally purchased a fake SIN (Anna) and used it to enroll in university. Even then it is evident that Yael was struggling financially as she never took any of the expensive magical courses. (The ones that require a large number of reagents to practice.). She is studying for the last four years and this is where her magical skills come from.

    Yael visits her family once a week when she can – they know never to contact her to not ruin her cover. They are all criminals, doing illegal shadowy things. Her father is a fence and works in a pawn shop and her mother works in a chop shop where she strips down stolen cars. Needless to say that if any of that information becomes public Yael will be kicked out of university, where she seats on a scholarship for orphan mages.

    She has a younger brother named Larry that is a go-ganger that resents her for leaving for university and ditching her old life behind.

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