While considered the most feared predators of the oceans, most sharks aren’t aggressive and will back down from a legitimate threat. The smallest sign of weakness or the faintest smell of blood in the water, however, drives most sharks into a killing frenzy. The following statistics are common for bull sharks; tiger and great white sharks are much larger and deadlier.
[table]B |A |R |S |W |L |I |C |E |ESS
5 |4 |5 |5 |3 |1 |4 |1 |2 |6[/table]
Initiative 9 + 1D6
Movement x3/x8/+4
Condition Monitor 11/10
Limits Physical 7, Mental 3, Social 4
Armor 2
Skills Perception (Smell) 6 (+2), Swimming 10, Unarmed Combat 8
Powers Armor 2, Natural Weapon (Bite: DV (STR+2) P, AP –2)

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